Sunday, December 2, 2018

Now you can watch new movies on YouTube! Learn

YouTube is a very popular site for watching videos in social media. There is huge video on Youtube. In which many can be seen for free, you also have to pay rupees to watch some videos. So far you have to pay money to watch a new movie on YouTube. However, YouTube is now going to make changes to one of its features. That's where the movies can be viewed for free.

Usually YouTube has two options to watch the movie. You can look at the movie rentals in one. However, in this option you have to complete the film in the time limit and in the second option you can buy. The movie that you can watch on YouTube is usually old.

Now YouTube is going to change. The company is bringing new features. Under which you will be able to watch the picture for free. This feature will be called free to watch. You will be shown an advertisement in this movie, which is shown free. However, Google has not yet made clear how many announcements will be in the film and what will be its frequency.

According to a report, pop-up aids will be shown in free-of-cost films. The film will come in between a little while. This feature was started by the company in October. California-based company has partnered with Hollywood studios for this feature. There are currently 100 films in this list.

These films have films of 'The Terminator', 'Haikers' and 'Rocky Series'. This list does not have Bollywood films but it is also going to include Bollywood films in the future. Products Management Director of YouTube, Rohit Dhawan, said that the company has prepared a new feature announcement and aimed at both the interests of the users. This will be beneficial for both of them. Users will see movies in free and advertising will also be shown

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