Sunday, December 2, 2018

Now you can sit at home, change the address in the base card, follow these steps

Nowadays, the base card has become the most important requirement for all people, after which there is no need to work with bank, ration or cooking gas, all these works require a support number. But there are times when you have to change the address on your base card while changing your home, for which many have to eat food and face difficulties. In today's case, we will tell you how to change your address card online at any time at home.

For this, first of all the UIDAI website will be going to's website then click on Aadhaar Online Services. After this, there will be an option of 'Aadhaar Update', where you will get the option of Address Update Request (Online). During this time an OTP number will come, enter it and click on the Data Update Request. After that click on the option of entering the address. By doing so, the option of 'Aadhar Update' will be done, where you update the new address and then click Submit Submit.

During this time, you will be asked for data such as passport, bank statement, bank passbook, post office account passbook, ration card and water ID etc .. Let us tell you that if your signature is also requested, you will need to upload the signature by scanning . After that, upload any ID proof, then select the BPO Service Provider around you and click the Submit Request button. After that you will get an updated request number, which allows you to download and request an attachment copy of the request. Within a few days after submitting the request, your new address will be updated and you will get notification in the email or mobile number.

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