Monday, October 1, 2018

SBI reduced the deduction of ATM from ATMs, now the rupee depreciates in one day

The country's largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) has decided to limit the amount of cash withdrawal from the ATM. SBI's bank account holders can now get 20 thousand rupees more from ATMs in a day. Earlier this limit was 40 thousand rupees.

The debit card limit has been reduced on 'Classic' and 'Maestro' platforms.

The limit on the cash limit has already been set before the festive season. Despite the emphasis on the government's digital transaction, the case was higher in the case. According to some honorable market flow has reached the previous level of notebook.

In the last few years, many cases have been noticed that the card cloner created a fraud by getting the PIN from the customer's debit card from the hidden camera and electronic device. And then thereafter fosters big malfunction.

Now, with the introduction of these new rules, SBI Managing Director PK Gupta said, "Our internal analysis shows that small amounts are often deducted from ATS. 20 thousand rupees are enough for most customers. We are trying to control irregularities with the new law.

He added that, customers wanting more case limits can use a high-variant card. These types of cards are given to the customers, who make large bank transactions in their bank accounts and have a large amount in their account.

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