Saturday, October 6, 2018

Play TV on the mobile without watching the Internet, watch favorite serials and movies

If you prefer to watch TV and do not have a TV in your home or stay away from home, the TV can not be seen. So there is no need to panic, because today's people use smartphones, what is the need for a TV? Because now you can make your phone TV and watch any TV or serial or movie you like

Now you're thinking that the smartphone requires an Internet to watch a serial or a movie.

How  can it be seen on a TV phone? So let's say that now you will not need the internet and you can watch TV, serial or film on your mobile without internet. However, for that you have to use the set top box and connect it to the mobile, then you will not need the internet.

For which you will have to first buy DD Free Set Top Box or then connect it to your mobile, then you will be able to see more than 150 channels free on DD Free Dish. For which there will be no separate charge and will not have to buy a TV. It is worth mentioning that you have to buy Easycap from the market or any other online e-commerce site, which connects the audio and video directly to your TV. The value of which is Rs 537, through which you can watch your phone connecting to the Set Top box and watch it without the Internet.

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