Saturday, October 27, 2018

If you use the JIO SIM, you will get Rs 700 in your account every day, Learn how

If you are a JIO Sim user, you can earn more than 700 rupees per day by this app. However, it is necessary that the purpose of setting up a Geo Number is for the Net or Calling. Then your account will come to 700 rupees every day. Yes Yes, because today we are going to tell you a trick by which you can earn a thousand by your Geo Sim.

For this you have to download the first Ganpati photo app. After that, sign your geo number for registration and register here. Then once again here you have to enter your mobile number and password. During this you will see many options. Where you have to click on the second option Daily Task. During that time, you will see some other options, which will be paid when you have money in your account.

Click on the option of its mappet photo. By doing this, you will see a 10-second advertisement on your photo, which will be paid in your account when you are done. In the meantime, some advertisements will also be viewed for download, which will have to be clicked and downloaded. Let's say that 5 advertisements are to be downloaded. By doing so you have to finish the impression. Then you can win 700 rupees. Which will come directly to your account. But keep in mind that downloading their ad is in the Play Store.

Let's say that on doing this, you will not get 700 rupees together. But if you do this work every day you can earn thousands of dollars by this app. Not only this, if you share this app with your friends, you will also get the benefit of it.

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