Saturday, October 6, 2018

Have you even liked someone's WhatsApp status? Do Download

At first WhatsApp was seen only in text format. Now a video and photo can also be installed on the status. You too have watched many WhatsApp status. If you've also liked a photo or video on someone's status, you can download it from the steps taken below.

Viewing any WhatsApp status will automatically download it. This is saved in a folder called .statuses. This folder is not visible in the file manager because of being a hidden folder. To see this folder you have to follow some steps to undo it first.

To unhide the folder, you can go to the store and click on WhatsApp. Tap on the setting on the left side and click on 'Show Unhide File'.

There are also many applications on PlayStore. This allows you to download Whatsapp Status videos. The application, called Story Saver for Whatsapp, is very useful in every Google Play Store application. Once installed on this app, it will be immediately connected to the WhatsApp account. Click on the story to download after this.

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