Friday, October 5, 2018

Good news for vehiculators: Due to a driving license now closed! Your DL will become a post office

Now you can quickly create driving licenses with your nearest post office. With the facility of creating a driving license through online application, the Uttar Pradesh Transport Department is communicating with the post office department. According to one website, the Transport Department is doing this step to rid the common people of the people. The department has also sent a proposal to the state government for this.

Under this proposal, the Transport Department has advised that in order to process separate online counter drowning applications in the post office, separate counter arrangements should be made.

The facilities offered to the post office for driving licenses will also include application fees. After getting the approval from the state government, the Transport Department will sign a formal agreement with India Post soon. These special counters at the post office are also offering the facility of changing the users' renewal request and address along with online application services. However, the fee will be decided for this facility so far.

It is noteworthy that for the last few days, online applications of driving licenses have shown a huge profit. About 90% of the applications have been made online. This facility is already in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana and Maharashtra. At present, May 27 people in the state can apply online for DUVIN license.

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