Saturday, October 27, 2018

Demand for canceling decision of common exam and external evaluation in primary

It has been circulated by the Primary Education Department of the Government for taking the common examination in standard 3 to 8 in all government and corporation primary schools and ordering the supervisory and post-evaluation of external teachers. The primary teachers association and the Ahmedabad Municipal Education Board have given the application form to the education minister. The circular has demanded a withdrawal.

Primary teachers association teachers of government schools under all the DPOs of the state visited the education minister on the second day of the circular. The Primary Teachers Association had asked the Education Minister to amend the provisions of this circular and there was no requirement for external supervision and external evaluation. In addition, the Ahmedabad Municipal Teacher's Board has also requested the Education Minister to make changes in this circular by writing a written complaint. The government's circular in the Primary Teachers' Union and the Muni Teaching Board is fierce because the teachers complain that the government has doubted the credentials of the primary teachers.

In this way, what does the government want to prove by overseeing teachers and doing an external evaluation? The Ahmedabad M.Tech Board introduces that in this way, one school teachers will be transferred to supervisory in another school and there will be a direct impact on the education of children sent for external evaluation.

Additional teachers have been ordered to prepare the results within three days, which will also harass the teachers. Because if any department of the government does not complete the work in any of the three days, then why the teachers are all expected.

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