Friday, September 28, 2018

The Supreme decision of the Supreme Court on Aadhaa, now know where the base is needed and where not

On the basis of the Supreme Court, on Wednesday, he kept his belief in giving important judgments. The court also made it clear in its decision that where support is needed and where is not necessary. Read on Now where support is mandatory and not mandatory ...

According to the Supreme Court's decision, now the Aadhaar number is mandatory for making PAN card and paying income tax return. Apart from this, a support card will also be required to take advantage of government schemes and get subsidy.

However, the Supreme Court has also clarified that linking support with mobile SIM, bank account is not mandatory. Apart from this, support is not necessary for school admission. Support is also required for CBSE, NIT and UGC exams. The court said that even though children below 14 years of age have no support, they can not be deprived of the services provided by the central or state government.

The court said that telecom companies, e-commerce firm, private bank and any other company or organization may not ask for support. The court said that the support for the benefit of the common people is working and it will benefit the people who are disadvantaged. Support data can not be stored for more than 6 months. Keeping data up to 5 years is a bed-in. Supreme Court dismissed Section 57 of the Support Act and said that private companies may not ask for support. The attack on the base is against the constitution. There is no risk of duplicate it. Support is absolutely safe. In the Lok Sabha, the Supreme Court has been right to pass the support bill as a financial bill.

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