Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mobile holders will also forget 4G: JIO is launching 5G .. An amazing experience!

Reliance Geo is preparing to launch Fifth Generation or 5G telecom service within 6 months of the spectrum allocation. Mukesh Ambani's telecom company can launch this service by mid-2020 in the country. The government has said recently that they are planning to allocate spectrum for 5G services by the end of 2019. Speed ​​can be downloaded from 5G to download speeds.

An executive of Geoan said on condition of anonymity that the company has a ready LTE network for 5G and we are capable of launching a new technology-connected service within 5-6 months of the spectrum allocation. He said that the optical fiber required for the GEO 5G network is rapidly expanding.

Morgan Stanley said in a report that focusing on optical fiber is important for launching the telecom sector, especially 5G networks in the country. The report said that Bharti Airtel and Geo gave signals to start MINO and network function virtualization and software defining network to prepare their networks according to the 5G. Geo executive said that preparing ecosystems including the availability of devices for this spectrum band is the biggest challenge. He said, "If you do not have Instruments or routers for 5G technology, this will be a big problem."

The 2 major global companies of chipset are developing America's Qualcom and Taiwan's MediaTek 5G Bests Model. Telenom Unit of Reliance Industries is in talks with Domestic and Multinational Wedgers to ensure the availability of the first device of the Geo 5G network. The 5G technology connected to the global level is expected to be available in the coming year, starting with high-end models. Asked about this through e-mails, which did not answer the answer given to Geo.

Industry experts say that unlike the last upgrade of Telecom Technologies, the 5G will take some time to market. All these things will be easy for Geo, because the company has more IP-enabled networks than ever before. Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundar Raj recently said that changes in the 4G to 5G would get faster than 3G and 4G services.

Telecom department has invited Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Geo and government telecom company BSNL for 5G field trials. For the trial, the DoT is planning to allocate spectrum without any call. Telecom Regulators have sought the advice of allocation of spectrum in the 3300Mhz-3600Mhz range and the price of a base price to launch a 5G service.

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