Saturday, September 22, 2018

India's first indigenous GPS system can be launched, launched fast

Since last year, there is a lot to hear about the native GPS module, and it was said that soon India will get its GPS module. Eventually, this dream came true in an event held in New Delhi, ST Microelectronics and MobileTek has launched a GPS module named UTraQ, which is based on IRNSS and will be useful in tracing locations.

So far, the upcoming GPS devices in the device were based on the feed being fed by  American satellites, but UTraQ will be based on India's own satellite system, with its most reliable and most reliable data.

Let us tell you that, the GPS module was launched at this event. The one L110 GNSS module, which is a compact NavIC module, is the second L100 GNSS module, which is the small site's Patch on Touch IRNSS module. Apart from tracking these modules, it can also be done in range functions, command and other tasks like telling time.

These modules can be used in the air, naval, internal security, border borders, track vehicles. In 1999, when the Pakistani army occupied a large number of Kargil on Kargil war, India used to lose its GPS, at that time India thought of using GPS to stave off the entire position and America sought help but America refused.

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