Sunday, September 30, 2018

Now the government will give a home loan of 59 minutes to get a home loan, know where and how to get it

The government is currently thinking of extending the limits of the portals launched for small businesses (MSMEs) to promote interest-bearing growth. Through this website micro, micro and MSME can get loans up to Rs 1 crore without going to the bank within 1 hour. Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Kumar said, "We have started the web portal to provide interest to small business owners. But in future, more options will be available on the portal. It can also have a personal loan and a home loan.

The government is currently thinking of extending the limits of the portals launched for small businesses (MSMEs) to promote interest-bearing growth. Through this website micro, micro and MSME can get loans up to Rs 1 crore without going to the bank within 1 hour. Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Kumar said, "We have been giving interest to small business ownersBut in future, more options will be available on the portal. It can also have a personal loan and a home loan.

He said that new interest product will be presented on the basis of experience received from this automated loan processing system. He said that contractless banking will be a misal in future. Because, it encourages transparency. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented a new portal for MSME last week. Taking the portal, the Financial Services Secretary said that this will help to increase interest rates for small businesses. This sector will be important for the country for the purpose of manufacturing, exporting and employment.

He said that this system will be stable in the next 6-7 months and will provide an ideal change in banking rules. He said that due to getting loan easily, the business of entrepreneurs will increase in the country. Commenting on the important information about the portal, the secretary said that it has reduced the time for the loan to be reduced from 20-25 days to just 59 minutes and set a new objective. Loans will be given in 7-8 working days after the therapeutic approval. This is one of the platforms in the MSME segment, which allows easy and easy loan management through modern financial technology. Before giving a loan, there will be no human intervention.

He said that a user-friendly platform has been created for the liberalized MSME, in which there is no need to deposit any physical documentation for theoretical approval. Information such as IT Returns, GST Data, Bank Statements, MCA21 are analyzed for loan approval. Also, the original information of the applicant on the basis of available documents is obtained for smart analytics.

Support is not needed in the bank! Now this five document is considered valid

Banks can not demand an additional card The banks are also confused after the Supreme Court has notified the mandate and compulsory for the bank account. Jeano is waiting for new directives of Arabiya. Because people can now link D Trust to the bank. Bank is very important. After deciding on the Supreme Court's decision, the bank customer is no longer required to support KYC (Know Your Couvester) bank! Now the bank has to give this 5 document. There will be 5 documents in the bank. Bankers say that after getting notified from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) customers will have to deposit the bank. RBI has approved a job card of a notified document passport, driving license, water ID, pen card and National Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGA). The Reserve Bank had notified this documentation in July 2017. This paper was originally made specifically for stopping black money as a required document to open a bank account. Valid documents will now be valid before the notification of July 2017.

After being notified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), customers will have to deposit in the bank

The Reserve Bank had notified this documentation in July 2017

Banks are also confused after the Supreme Court has not upheld the registration card for the bank.

Customers can also link their support with the bank.

According to the demand of the bank or finance company, the bank decides the identification of customers with a ration card, electricity bill or employer's letter in respect of 'any other document'. After July 2017, support is not legally required for bank account. Also, support will be given to the Bank KYC document compared to other documents.

RBI will come out with new guidelines

Bankers say that, on the basis of the Supreme Court's decision on the basis of the decision, the Reserve Bank now issues a new direction. The bank now wants to understand the status of those customers. The base bank is linked to the account. Bank accounts can be separated from base; - Before the Supreme Court decision, it was necessary for the customers to link support to the bank account. Now when the Supreme Court has said it is voluntary to link support after the order. Customers can also link their support with the bank.

Only 30 rupees will be free of this card. Treatment up to 5 lakhs, make this way

You can treat up to 5 lakh free treatment by making this special card in only 30 rupees under the Ayodhya scheme launched by the Modi government. The name of this card is a golden card, though this should include your name for this scheme. Under this scheme, about 50 crore people of 100 million families are involved in the scheme. Treatment upto Rs 5 lakhs will be given free of cost.

The Golden Card will be made in two locations hospital and Common Service Center (CSC). CSC centers have been set up to help people living in villages easily benefit from this scheme. The card creation process will be started from next week. To make a card, you have to pay 30 rupees. The card will be laminated. Come to the CSC in the scheme and check your name in the list of Ayyamastan India.

If a family has five people, then everyone will have a separate card. Apart from CSC the card will also be in the hospital. The cards in the hospital will be made for free. Under the Prime Minister Jan Swasthya Yojana, the country's first Golden Card was made in Hazaribagh District Hospital. The first golden card has been made from the name of women named Renu Devi.

Prime Minister's letter is being mailed to PMO every beneficiary of Ayyamtham Health Insurance Scheme. The next process of insurance will be started through this letter. The biggest feature of this letter is that it has a QR code. With QR codes, your identity will be easily accessible in a health center or hospital. The QR code of all the beneficiaries is different. Therefore, after the QR code has been scheduled for your hospital, a beneficial candidate will be issued a Golden Card. This Golden Card will always work for you.

Prime Minister's letter is being mailed to PMO every beneficiary of Ayyamtham Health Insurance Scheme. The next process of insurance will be started through this letter. The biggest feature of this letter is that it has a QR code. With QR codes, your identity will be easily accessible in a health center or hospital. The QR code of all the beneficiaries is different. Therefore, after the QR code has been scheduled for your hospital, a beneficial candidate will be issued a Golden Card. This Golden Card will always work for you.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Download this app Without jio sim you can use unlimited internet

Download this app Without jio sim

Download this app Without jio simGadget desk These days, telecom companies are offering new offers every day, in which cheap data is being given. You also have to make some payment for the benefits of these offers. But here we are telling you a way you can use Free Internet. These apps are of great work … Download this app without jio sim its best one for thats way for get high internet without jio sim download this app
free unlimited net Download this app Without jio sim

Here we are telling you about 5 such apps, you will get talk time with free internet data on the phone. All these apps are free.Learn about the free apps on the next slides …FDMR is an online name ringtone maker website. From where you can make Apne Naam Ki Ringtone. You do not have to do much for this. Just follow my told steps.
Use unlimited internet Download this app Without jio sim

[1] Go to the website of FDMR first [2] Search the name of the name dal in the search box given on the site [3] After which you will find many good ringtones in your name [4] Whatever ringtone you feel you have Download it.
The FDMR online name is the ringtone maker website, as well as its own mobile app. For this, you have to download the playstore and download the fdmr app.


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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Supreme decision of the Supreme Court on Aadhaa, now know where the base is needed and where not

On the basis of the Supreme Court, on Wednesday, he kept his belief in giving important judgments. The court also made it clear in its decision that where support is needed and where is not necessary. Read on Now where support is mandatory and not mandatory ...

According to the Supreme Court's decision, now the Aadhaar number is mandatory for making PAN card and paying income tax return. Apart from this, a support card will also be required to take advantage of government schemes and get subsidy.

However, the Supreme Court has also clarified that linking support with mobile SIM, bank account is not mandatory. Apart from this, support is not necessary for school admission. Support is also required for CBSE, NIT and UGC exams. The court said that even though children below 14 years of age have no support, they can not be deprived of the services provided by the central or state government.

The court said that telecom companies, e-commerce firm, private bank and any other company or organization may not ask for support. The court said that the support for the benefit of the common people is working and it will benefit the people who are disadvantaged. Support data can not be stored for more than 6 months. Keeping data up to 5 years is a bed-in. Supreme Court dismissed Section 57 of the Support Act and said that private companies may not ask for support. The attack on the base is against the constitution. There is no risk of duplicate it. Support is absolutely safe. In the Lok Sabha, the Supreme Court has been right to pass the support bill as a financial bill.

GUJARAT GSET EXAMDownload your Hall Ticket | Admit card

GUJARAT GSET EXAMDownload your Hall Ticket | Admit card

Hall Ticket

It may be noted that the hall ticket will be uploaded on the website 7 days prior to 

Examination day. No hall ticket will be sent to the candidates by post. The candidates should download 

their hall ticket from the website to ascertain their venue of GSET Examination as mentioned in the Hall Ticket

Ticket and appear in the examination only at the designated examination center. No candidate will be 

allowe to appear at the examination center other than that allotted to him/her in the Hall Ticket.
Dowonload Hall Ticket

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mobile holders will also forget 4G: JIO is launching 5G .. An amazing experience!

Reliance Geo is preparing to launch Fifth Generation or 5G telecom service within 6 months of the spectrum allocation. Mukesh Ambani's telecom company can launch this service by mid-2020 in the country. The government has said recently that they are planning to allocate spectrum for 5G services by the end of 2019. Speed ​​can be downloaded from 5G to download speeds.

An executive of Geoan said on condition of anonymity that the company has a ready LTE network for 5G and we are capable of launching a new technology-connected service within 5-6 months of the spectrum allocation. He said that the optical fiber required for the GEO 5G network is rapidly expanding.

Morgan Stanley said in a report that focusing on optical fiber is important for launching the telecom sector, especially 5G networks in the country. The report said that Bharti Airtel and Geo gave signals to start MINO and network function virtualization and software defining network to prepare their networks according to the 5G. Geo executive said that preparing ecosystems including the availability of devices for this spectrum band is the biggest challenge. He said, "If you do not have Instruments or routers for 5G technology, this will be a big problem."

The 2 major global companies of chipset are developing America's Qualcom and Taiwan's MediaTek 5G Bests Model. Telenom Unit of Reliance Industries is in talks with Domestic and Multinational Wedgers to ensure the availability of the first device of the Geo 5G network. The 5G technology connected to the global level is expected to be available in the coming year, starting with high-end models. Asked about this through e-mails, which did not answer the answer given to Geo.

Industry experts say that unlike the last upgrade of Telecom Technologies, the 5G will take some time to market. All these things will be easy for Geo, because the company has more IP-enabled networks than ever before. Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundar Raj recently said that changes in the 4G to 5G would get faster than 3G and 4G services.

Telecom department has invited Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Geo and government telecom company BSNL for 5G field trials. For the trial, the DoT is planning to allocate spectrum without any call. Telecom Regulators have sought the advice of allocation of spectrum in the 3300Mhz-3600Mhz range and the price of a base price to launch a 5G service.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Find out who sees your Whatsapp profile photo in 1 minute

Whatsapp plays the most important role in the present day of social media. Perhaps there will be a smartphone user who will not be using Social Messaging App Whatsapp. Through this platform we can easily do professional work in addition to personal work. We can also sandwich videos from each other's photo to another.

It also facilitates voice calling from video calling. If we put any states on WhatsApp, then we know that who has seen our status. But we do not know who sees WattsAP profile picture. There are many people in our WhatsApp accounts that do not talk much to us but from time to time our DP is looking for it. In the meantime, if you want to know who has watched our WhatsApp campaign, let us know the variables for this simple trick. However, it requires an Android app.

First download an App called Whatsapp Who Me from Google Play Store.

Downloading the app will automatically download the mobile market in the smartphone while downloading this app.

Then who will see Me App will find a list of people who see your profile photo in a few seconds.

Through this app you will be able to know the names of people who have seen your profile in the last 24 hours.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Recover the deleted data from laptop or PC

The biggest concern in today's time is that the data in the laptop or PC will not be deleted. This date contains not only professional data, but also information such as personal photographs, music, videos and personal documents. Often it happens that data is lost due to the hard drive or operating system crashing or after incorrectly formatting a laptop. Here are some steps you can get back the lost data.

It is not possible to recover all the data but most of the data can be found.

- Recently deleted data can be easily recoverable.

- If you know the file extension format, it will be easy to recover data. For example, .JPG, .PNG, .CR2, .GIF for image, .3gp for video, .mp4, .WMV, .MKV, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls, .xls, .xlxs for documents, .psd, .mp3, .wav, .wma, .flacc for audio.

- If you know the location of the deleted file, the recovery is much easier.

Open the PC by clicking on the Start button and click on 'this pc'.

Navigate to the folder where the file was.

Click on the file or folder and click on 'restore previous version' option.

Here you will find a list of available files and folders.

- Press the Restore button below to select and restore the version.The Windows operating system has an in-built feature called 'restore the previous version'. This feature is currently scanned in the file and folder changes, and the user has an option to view and store those changes.

Your Android smartphone is locked? Perform this way unlock

If you use a smartphone, you definitely use a screen lock such as a pin, password, or pattern to secure the phone. Smartphone users always set a password or pattern that others can not open. But in this dizziness, users often forget their own password. If you are caught in such a situation then you can unlock the phone in this way

Now log in to the Google account that has a link to your phone.

After logging in, select the device you want to unlock from the list.

Select Lock Your Phone option on the next screen.

Now enter the new password to replace your phone's old pattern or password.

Click the Lock button below.

Now unlock the phone using your new password in your smartphone and set a new screen lock.

If you have set a Google Assistant systematic, then you will definitely notice the Unlock with voice option. These features work on the basis of recorded voice. If this feature is on, you can unlock the smartphone by simply saying "Ok Google".

If you have a Samsung account sink in your Samsung smartphone then follow these steps.

First, open the link below and log in using the ID and password.

Select Unlock option and unlock the smartphone by confirming your password password.

India's first indigenous GPS system can be launched, launched fast

Since last year, there is a lot to hear about the native GPS module, and it was said that soon India will get its GPS module. Eventually, this dream came true in an event held in New Delhi, ST Microelectronics and MobileTek has launched a GPS module named UTraQ, which is based on IRNSS and will be useful in tracing locations.

So far, the upcoming GPS devices in the device were based on the feed being fed by  American satellites, but UTraQ will be based on India's own satellite system, with its most reliable and most reliable data.

Let us tell you that, the GPS module was launched at this event. The one L110 GNSS module, which is a compact NavIC module, is the second L100 GNSS module, which is the small site's Patch on Touch IRNSS module. Apart from tracking these modules, it can also be done in range functions, command and other tasks like telling time.

These modules can be used in the air, naval, internal security, border borders, track vehicles. In 1999, when the Pakistani army occupied a large number of Kargil on Kargil war, India used to lose its GPS, at that time India thought of using GPS to stave off the entire position and America sought help but America refused.

Friday, September 21, 2018

The company will launch the world's first 5G smartphone

Lenovo is preparing to launch the first 5G smartphone, which will be the Las Vegas Snapdragon 855 chipset processor. This information was given by Lanzhou Vice President Chang Chen. The information about when this phone will be launched is not given right now. According to the information Snapdragon 855 chipset is likely to be launched at the end of 2018 or early 2019. The 5G smartphone can be launched at this time.

Apart from Lenovo, Oppo, Huawaii and Vanplus are also working on 5G phones. Huawei claims that the company will launch 5G phones in the third quarter of 2019. When Oppo announced Qualcomm Partnership for 5G phones early this year. Soonplus has claimed that it will launch a flagship smartphone in 2019 which will support 5G. According to media reports, Samsung can soon launch the Galaxy S10 Flagship 5G smartphone.

In the end, we are also planning to launch the 5G Enabled smartphone next year. This phone uses the Qualcomm X50 5G NR modem. Apart from Voices, companies like Shawmi, Nokia, Sony, LG and ZTE also have partnerships with Qualcomm for the 5th modem.
Qualcomm created the world's first fully integrated 5G NR mmWave and Sub-6 GHz RF modules. The QTM052 mmWave Antenna module and the QpM56xx sub-6 GHz radio frequency module will be paired with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem, which is currently launched. One of the major challenges to tap Millimeter Wave for 5G connectivity is that it is very easy to block the 5G signal.